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What is on-page SEO and why is it important for your website?

On-page SEO is the process of making your website search engine friendly like Google for example. Simply, this means adjusting certain aspects on your website so search engines like Google are able to understand your website’s content and structure.

How do we fix these problems relating to your on-page SEO?

Simple changes to your website such as your page titles, content word count, descriptions, internal links, and alternate tags on pictures. These easy fixes can greatly improve your website’s SEO ranking.

The quick fixes listed above should not just apply to your homepage; these fixes need to apply to every page your website contains. On each page, the content should be easily readable, grammatically correct, internally link other pages on your website. This type of content management can help improve your search engine ranking, better your brand, and make your company more reputable and trustworthy.


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